Pay It Forward

Things I Wish I Would Have Know As A Young Assistant Coach. And why I will make sure YOU do.

Columbus Ohio: I had the priviledge to present to my fellow peers on "Things I Wish I Knew as a Young Assistant Coach." I shared a few gems of mistakes I learn along the way. Here's a quick recap of what I shared:

1. Share your struggles- Don't be afraid to reach out for help. It will save you time and frustration.

2. Believe in yourself- As a young assistant confidence comes from preparation. If you want your HC to believe in your ideas...Come with evidence (Have receipts) 

3. There's an art to recruiting- Know the type of player your HC can COACH. Rankings arent everything

4. Take Care of yourself- We are paid to be the best versions of ourselves. Health is wealth! 

5. Be grateful/humble & Have Fun- No matter the case...give thanks and have fun! 


For the handout of the presentation click here. For additional gem videos on the topics click here

After the presentation, I asked each participant to share something they would pass on to the next generation of Coaches. I received over 100 stickies of pure, authentic wisdom. I will be putting together these tips for young coaches to have as they begin their journies. I'm appreciative of everyone who came out, and EVERYONE who paid it forward. Until next time...

Keep that same energy!

-Coach P